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The Course

This scenic course starts at Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery, heads northwest to Bothell, and then follows the Sammamish River Trail back to Woodinville, finishing in Redmond. You’ll be treated to gorgeous scenery along the river, and the route passes some of Woodinville’s best wineries and breweries. The race finishes at Redmond’s City Hall campus for the post-race Wine & Music Festival.

Time Limit

To enter the half marathon you must be able to finish the course in 3 hours and 30 minutes and keep a 16:00/mile pace or better. Casual walkers are not permitted in the half marathon due to this time limit. If you cannot keep the required pace on course, you will not be guaranteed course supervision by law enforcement and volunteers. In the event you cannot finish the race, or fall behind the 16 min/mile pace, a SAG vehicle will be following the final law enforcement car and will pickup for transport to the finish.

Start Line

The staging area for the start line is located on property of Chateau Ste. Michelle Winery. Race-day packet pickup (fee applies), bag check, beverages, porta-potties, stretching and warm-up sessions are held in the staging area.

Please note that NO unauthorized vehicles are allowed on the course during the race! For more information on how to get to the start or finish please view the Transportation page. Parking is available within walking distance of the start line and there is also bus transportation and a passenger drop for vehicles.

Aid Stations

Seven aid stations will be placed on-course between the start and finish areas. Various non-profits, school teams and other groups host these aid stations. They are placed on-course at key locations and intervals approximately 1.5 miles apart.

Water will be offered at each aid station and GU Hydration Drink (Lemon lime flavor) will be provided at every other aid station. GU Energy Gels (Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, and Salted Watermelon flavors) will be distributed at Aid Station #4. Please discard wrappers in trash receptacles at aid stations, or put them in your pocket, not alongside the road.

Please show your appreciation as you pass each aid station and obey the law officers and course monitors who are working hard to keep you safe.

Post-Race Recovery Tent

After completing your 13.1 mile journey through wine country and receiving your finisher’s medal, you’ll pass through the Recovery Tent where you’ll be treated to a variety of post-race food and other beverages designed to help your body start the recovery process immediately. Most of your items will be placed in a bag and handed to you as you move through the tent. Please continue in one direction out of the tent into the general public area. There is no re-entry into the Recovery Tent. Water and recovery drinks are available in the tent and you will find additional water and recovery drink options in the festival area.

Wine glasses and Silipints are available for pick up and/or purchase in the festival area. You will need your ticket stub on your race bib to claim your wine glass at the wine glass tent. Make sure you are hydrated and have eaten food prior to consuming wine, beer or other alcoholic beverages. Please consume in moderation and be conscious of your recovery process and your alcohol level if you are driving.