About Loudoun County Wine Country

No visit to Loudoun is complete without a visit to wine country. Explore boutique wineries sprinkled throughout the bucolic countryside. Loudoun’s thirty plus wineries and tasting rooms are grouped into five driving “clusters.” Each drive is a unique experience in itself, along winding roads and up mountains, past horse farms and historic estates, and beside miles of stacked stone fences.

Click here for a list of wineries and tasting rooms located in Loudoun County.

2017 Loudoun County Winery Partners:

8 Chains North
Bluemont Vineyards
Corcoran Vineyard
Doukenie Winery
Hillsborough Vineyards
The Vineyards & Winery at Lost Creek
Maggie Malick Wine Caves
North Gate Vineyards
Sunset Hills Vineyard
Waterford Wine Reserve
Wild Hare Cider
Zephaniah Farm Vineyard