There are no registration refunds. However, if you are not able to use your registration for any reason you have two options:

1. Transfer your registration to another individual.

Transfers may be processed up to and including the Race Expo (Cost $25) and must be initiated by the person seeking to transfer their registration.

To complete the process, the original registrant will navigate to, will locate their race registration, and will select “Transfer to another athlete.” After selecting this option, they will be prompted to enter the new participant’s email address on the following page. The new participant will then be invited to claim the transfer via email where they will be directed to checkout on

Once the new participant has accepted and checked out with the registration, the original participant will be refunded their registration, less the $25 transfer fee. The new runner will be provided a bib and packet.

Transfer Prior to June 24

On or After June 24th

The person receiving the transfer must process transfers at the Race Expo. The new runner should get the necessary info from the original registrant, fill out the Transfer Form, and bring it to the the expo where they will pay for their registration. Once received, the original participant’s registration refund will be processed and they will receive the refund less the $25 transfer fee.

2. Pay a $50 fee to defer your registration to any Destination Races event open for registration within the 2017 Race series (except Napa-to-Sonoma).

The deferral policy applies to any Destination Races event within a 12-month period (registration for the race must still be open and not sold out). You must process your deferral at least 7 days prior to the race. No deferrals will be accepted for any reason once we are within 7 days of the race.

To defer your entry to a race in our 2017 race series, navigate to your dashboard where you will claim your registration using your Registration ID (begins with an R). Once claimed, you’ll see your event in your dashboard. Select the option to “Transfer to Another Event” where you will see the available races. Note: this button will disappear once we are within 7 days of the race.

No credits will be accepted for any reason once we are within 7 days of the race.