Start Time:

7:00am on Sunday, July 16, 2017


Cuvaison Carneros Winery


Sonoma Plaza


13.1 miles (point-to-point)

Wine & Music Festival:

9:30am to Noon in Sonoma Plaza

Awards Ceremony:


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We limit the field of half marathon runners to 3,500 in order to offer our participants and their guests the finest destination road racing experience possible. Please check our Registration page for more information about registering as this race sells out immediately when registration opens.


The race is chip timed to provide accurate and fair results. Runners will receive a chip and gun time, the top 3 overall finishers are based on gun time, all other finisher results use chip time results. The timing chips are disposable and do not need to be returned.

Gear Check

A gear check area is provided at the start for runners to place their warm-ups and other items in the bag provided by race staff. Write your bib number and name on the bags and they will be transported to the finish area for pickup. Any items left at the event will be donated to charity after 14 days.


Race start time temperatures are usually ideal, ranging from a cool of low 50’s to a high of low 60’s. Summer temperatures are usually moderate and pleasant in southern Sonoma and Napa counties as the proximity to the bay creates breezes and fog that act as natural air conditioning. If a high-pressure system is present, temperatures could reach as high as the 70’s by mid-morning. Be prepared for either condition. Afternoon high temperatures typically range between 75 and 85 degrees. There is virtually no summer rain in the area. There is exposure to the sun on this course so please wear sunscreen.

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Top 3 Overall Male & Female

1st Place

$600 plus 3L of wine, Fortessa Award Plate

2nd Place

$300 plus magnum of wine

3rd Place

$200 plus magnum of wine, $100 gift certificate to Napa Running Co. Note: Bonus of $500 paid for setting Men’s or Women’s course record
Men’s and Women’s Masters champions (40+) will receive a magnum of wine and Riedel decanter trophy.
A bottle of wine is awarded to top 3 male and female finishers in age division every 5 years from 21 to 70 age groups. Awards are determined by the runner’s age on race day. Certificates are provided for the under 21-age group
The fastest top 2 teams (after application of age/gender handicap) of 6 or more members will receive awards. A team must have a minimum of 6 runners finish the half marathon to qualify as a team; see Registration for more information.
A friendly competition between Napa and Sonoma counties exist for local supremacy. The top M and F finishers from either county win a bottle of wine from their county and a gift certificate to Napa Running Co.
Open to teams of participating wineries, the Winery Challenge Trophy is awarded to the fastest Winery team (after application of age/gender handicap) of 6 or more runners. See Get Involved for additional information.

Rules & Safety

Please line up at the start according to your pace. Elite runners will be positioned at the front with runners lining up behind them by mile pace. Please look for the pace signs posted along the start chute to guide your position. Please do not line up ahead of your pace time! This is chip timed so your time will officially begin when you cross the timing mat at the start line. Top 3 overall times are based on gun time. Take extra caution as you start the race!
ALWAYS stay inside of the cones on the roadways. Runners should stay to the right of the cones at all times unless otherwise marked by arrows and chalk. Straying outside of the defined cone line is dangerous and is not allowed.
NO roller blades, skateboards, animals or bicycles on course without permission. Baby strollers designed for runners are permitted but must begin at the back of the starting line.
Portable music with headphones are allowed except for two locations on course, where earphones must be removed when passing these sections; at mile 7.5 as you prepare to cross Hwy 121 on Burndale Rd., and near mile 10 as you prepare to cross Napa Rd onto Denmark Rd. Remove headphones so you can hear CHP officers as they direct runners and traffic. On all other course locations headphones must be kept at low enough volume so runners can hear approaching vehicles from behind and verbal instructions from law enforcement and volunteers.
All runners MUST wear a race bib registered in their own name, visible to race officials. We have no space or tolerance for Bandits so if you are not a registered runner please do not attempt to run the race. Runners found to be running without a bib or a bib not registered in their name will be removed from the course, DQ’d from the race, and banned from future entry.

Please obey law enforcement officers and volunteers at all times! They are positioned on course for your safety. In rare cases, law enforcement may require runners to stop to allow traffic to pass. Failure to obey law enforcement and volunteers may result in removal from the course and disqualification.