Elite Athletes are encouraged to send a resume to elite@destinationraces.com. Please note that elites are required to submit their entries 7 days prior to the event. In-person Expo and Race Day sign-ups are not permitted.

Please include your first name, last name, age, email, and phone number as well as your PRs, recent results, notable accomplishments, hometown/college, and a photo if possible.

Elite Qualifications (2016-17) – Half Marathon PR within 3 years

Women – Napa-to-Sonoma ONLY
Under 1:16 – Elite A
1:16-1:20 – Elite B
1:25 and under – Masters Elite

Men – Napa-to-Sonoma ONLY
1:06 and under – Elite A
1:06-1:10 – Elite B
1:15 and under – Elite Masters