Recycle Your Sports Nutrition Wrappers & Get GU Swag!

Recycle Your Sports Nutrition Wrappers & Get GU Swag!

Happy Earth Day! At Destination Races, health, wellness, and the outdoors are never far from our thoughts, and we choose sponsorship partners who share our commitment to environmental responsibility.

Today we’re highlighting GU Energy Labs, a fantastic DR sponsor who is always looking for new ways to reduce their impact on the environment. (Plus, there’s a free hat in it for you!)

The TerraCycle Program

If you’ve run a race before, you’ve probably seen the nutritional supplement wrappers littering the course. That’s why GU recently took their commitment to sustainability to a new level by partnering with TerraCycle to reduce waste created by empty nutrition packets, while at the same time giving back to charities. The best part? Participation is free and easy!

Here’s how you can join:

      1. Visit, search for “GU Nutrition Brigade,” and sign up as a retailer or an athlete
      2. Start collecting your empty packets
      3. Print your free printing label and send all your packets to TerraCycle. Voilà!

With every piece of trash you collect, you’ll earn points that you can use to donate to charity, or apply toward some cool up-cycled items for yourself.

You can also drop off your nutritional trash (any brand, not just GU) in person at the GU Energy Lab booth at any of the DR races this season. You’ll even be rewarded with a super cute (and super free!) hat, as seen here modeled by GU’s own Celia. It’s a win-win!


GU Energy Labs is a leading sports nutrition brand founded in Berkeley, CA in 1993. GU’s products offer innovative ways for athletes to effectively hydrate, energize, and recover before, during, and after demanding endurance activities. Discover the potential of nutrition planning by visiting

Join Destination Races and GU Energy Labs in celebrating Earth Day and beyond. We look forward to seeing you out there this season!

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