Elite Runner Kimberley Doerksen Opts for Cake over Kale

Elite Runner Kimberley Doerksen Opts for Cake over Kale

DR Guest Blogger: Kimberley Doerksen Elite runner and Olympic hopeful Kimberley Doerksen of British Columbia stopped by the DR blog to talk about two of her favorite things: running…and cake baking!

Cake1 copyWhen people hear that I’m an elite runner, I always get asked about what I eat. It seems like that’s the one topic that people—mostly women—are curious about. Do I eat a lot? Do I live on kale? Do I ever have treats? The questions all come from the same fundamental idea: to be an elite, you must only eat clean food and rarely have treats.

I think that’s complete garbage.

I love food and everything that surrounds it. The experimentation of combining flavours; the science behind baking the perfect cake; the joy it brings to people; and the simple act of eating. That’s the best part, and I’m great at it. Growing up, my mom made every meal from scratch. My sister and I were always jealous of the kids that got to have Oreos, or Dunkaroos, or some other processed snack, and we felt like we were the losers with wholesome, homemade food.

Years later, I realize how fortunate we were to have someone take the time to make everything from scratch. When my mom was in the kitchen, I was always right there trying to help. When I was really little, that meant getting in the way, eating ingredients out of the bowl, and licking the spoon. As I got older, my responsibilities increased to the point where I now make dinner when I’m home.

As much as I love running, baking is my other passion. It’s one of the few activities where I can completely lose myself for hours at a time. The process of taking basic ingredients and combining them in different ways, then tastefully assembling them, is a very calming thing for me. Throughout university, before races, and whenever life got tough, I turned toCake3 copy baking to ease my nerves. There have been nights that I was up until 11:00 p.m. putting the finishing touches on a cake that wasn’t for anything but my own pleasure.


Perhaps it’s a little crazy, but that’s what most runners are! Running, like anything else, is a balancing act. There’s a fine line between easy and hard runs; training too much or not enough; emotional highs and lows; and the balance of eating healthy without denying yourself the utter enjoyment of stuffing your face with a massive piece of cake. I truly believe you can have your cake and eat it too.

To learn more about Kimberly, follow her training progress, and even see some pictures of her beautiful cakes, visit www.kimdoerksen.com.

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