11 Steps for Crushing Our “Shortcut to Redmond” 4.4 Miler!

11 Steps for Crushing Our “Shortcut to Redmond” 4.4 Miler!


We’re going to let you in on a little secret: You don’t have to be a runner to participate in a Destination Races event. We encourage runners and walkers of all speeds and strides to run, sip, and explore with us in beautiful destinations across North America. Our newest race is the most forgiving yet – a flat(!) 4.4-mile course hosted just outside of Seattle. With wine and beer waiting at the finish line, who wouldn’t want to opt-in?

Walking regularly is great for your health, and science tells us the same for a glass of red wine. If you use a Fitbit to track your health goals, it’s likely that you’re already walking over 4.4 miles a day when you meet a 10,000 step goal! Let’s put on our Fitbits and reach 10,000 steps together! To help along the way, follow these 11 steps for crushing the “Shortcut to Redmond 4.4-Miler” on September 17th:

1. Put on your comfortable walking shoes and clothing.
2. Pick a route you are going to walk.
3. Keep a journal to document your walks like: what route you took, how you felt, time of day you walked, etc.
4. Listen to your body while you walk and take breaks as needed.
5. Complete light stretching at the end of your walk.
6. Set a goal to walk 5 times per week to start creating a habit.
7. Every week try to increase your walks by 5 minutes.
8. Sign up for the Shortcut to Redmond on September 17th.
9. Sign up as a Corporate Team and walk 4.4 miles with your friends and co-workers.
10. Receive your finisher medal and wine glass at the finish line.
11. Celebrate your investment to walking at the post-race Wine, Beer, & Music Festival.

Don’t wait to start. Get moving now. Plan out your walking days, sign up for the Shortcut to Redmond to keep you motivated, and commit to the plan. We’ll see YOU on the course!

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